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WireMatic TruTorq AB

Wire Matic Regler AB was founded in 1976 in Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s focus from the beginning was to develop, manufacture and sell pneumatic actuators.

The first actuator developed enabled the power to be transferred into movement by use of a wire, hence the name Wirematic. Quite quickly this idea was abandoned in favour of a design whereby the actuator worked by the rack and pinion principle instead.

They made a design with the springs built into the actuator’s pistons; the Type 1 was born. This solution gives a compact design which means that actuators with spring return (SR) and double acting (DA) actuators have the same outside dimensions. This compact design was patented.

The design was appreciated in the market and sales grew strongly over the whole world.

In order to secure manufacturing, quality and capacity, the company was sold in 1989 to Mekanotjänst in Järvsö, Sweden. This also meant that Wire Matic Regler AB gained access to Mekanotjänst’s development and design department. Since that time, the actuators have been developed to the high quality and reliable products that are well known and supplied today.

In year 2000 the company developed the Type 2 actuator with a Body Adaptor Kit for direct mounting of the actuator at the valve.