Declutchable gears

Type MGO

Our own manual override with no traditional mounting flange to have a as compact unit as possible. Body of Anodized Aluminum in black colour as standard, other finishes avialable.

MGO has an unique design with interchangeable inserts (same as on Type 2 actuators). These features makes it perfect for direct mounting and for stock keeping..

The actuators comply fully with all the relevant industry standards for interfaces and connections such as ISO 5211, DIN 3337,

Data sheet Technical summary IOM

Declutchable Gear MGO

Output torque 300-2000 Nm

Actuator Valve Max Torque
Type ISO* ISO* Square** (Output) Nm Kg Part No
300 F07/14 F07 17 300 4,3 MGO300
600 F10/22 F10 22 600 7,7 MGO600
1200B F12/27 F12 27 1200 15,8 MGO1200B
1200 F12/36 F14 36 1200 15,8 MGO1200
2000 F14/36 F14 36 2000 24,2 MGO2000

*Other versions on request
**Interchangeable insert for direct mounting on most valves