Electrical Actuators

Type ITQ

Compact & robust electrical actuator, Type ITQ, for quarterturn movement and modulating. Body of hard anodized aluminium with a layer of red powder coating as top coating.

-Removable drive bushing for easy machining and mounting (ITQ-010-080).
-Self locking provided by double worm gearing (no breake required).
-Auto-declutching manual override.

The actuators comply fully with all the relevant industry standards for interfaces and connections such as ISO 5211, DIN 3337, VDI/VDE 3845 and NAMUR.


Electrical Actuator Type ITQ

20-9000 Nm

ITQ-series are compact, robust with all aluminium housing for reliable performance, on/off or modulating,
For other sizes or executions, please contact us for further details.

Model Connection Square Op.time Power Torque Nm kg Part No
ITQ002 F03 11 11s 10W 20 1,0 11379
ITQ004 F03, F05, F07 14 14s 10W 40 3,0 11341
ITQ008 F05, F07 17 16s 10W 80 3,5 11356
ITQ010 F07 17* 21s 15W 100 7,0 11351
ITQ016 F07,F10 22* 26s 40W 160 15,0 11343
ITQ024 F07,F10 22* 26s 40W 240 15,0 11337
ITQ035 F10,F12 27* 31s 40W 350 20,0 11352
ITQ050 F10,F12 * 31s 90W 500 20,0 11344
ITQ080 F12,F14 * 39s 180W 800 25,0 11361

*Other versions on request

Options (ITQ008-080)

Remote Position Controller/feedback RPC*
Current Transmitter (output signal:4-20mA) CT
Potentiometer 0-1 kOhm PK

*Input/output signal: 4-20mA, 0-10V DC