Limit Switch Box

Type ITS

Specially designed for small size pneumatic actuators and valves to reduce installation space. Flame proof, IP67.

The Limit Switch boxes can be directly installed on actuators, conforming to the standard VDI/VDE 3845.

The first function of ITS is to provide visual indication of current position of valve and actuator. Dome indicator unit shows current position by colour indication.

If there is full red color indication, current position of valve or actuator is fully closed position, and yellow is on fully open position (standard).

Different Colour indication combination can be provided to customer’s specific requirement.

Secondly ITS provide electrical signal at the fully open or closed position by activating mechanical switches,Proximity sensors and other magnetic sensors which independently makes

Can be equipped with a variety of switches and sensors


Limit Switch Boxes ITS-100 Series, Polyester coated

Type Switches Part No kg
ITS-100 Mechanical, 3-wire 13445A  
ITS-110 2 x IS5001 (IFM) 13445PNP  
ITS-120 2 x NS5002 (IFM) 13445/N  

Limit Switch Boxes ITS-100 Series, CNI *

Type Switches Part No kg
ITS-100 CNI Mechanical 13445C  
ITS-110 CNI 2 x IS5001 (IFM) 13445CPNP  
ITS-120 CNI 2 x NS5002 (IFM) 13445CN  

* Increased corrosion resistance

Limit Switch Boxes ITS-300, Ex ”d”, Polyester coated

Type Function Part No kg
ITS-300 Mechanical ITS-300  
ITS-305 Potentiometer ITS-305  
ITS-310 2 x IS5001 (IFM) ITS-310  
ITS-320 2 x NS5002 (IFM) ITS-320  

Limit Switch Boxes ITS-500 Series, Ex ”d”, Stainless Steel

Type Function Part No kg
ITS-500 Mechanical ITS-500  
ITS-505 Potentiometer ITS-505
ITS-510 2 x IS5001 (IFM) ITS-510  
ITS-520 2 x NS5002 (IFM) ITS-520

Mounting Kits for Limit Swich Boxes type ITS, Stainless Steel

Type C Type E Type S Part No kg
2-35 8-20 1-10 13446  
55 35-150 13447  
250-400 13448