•• Easy operation with intuitive navigation menu using three capacitive keys
•• LCD easy to read in any mounted position due to selectable reading direction
•• Variable, automatic start-up
•• Preset parameters (only values deviating from the standard need to be adjusted)
•• Permanent storage of all parameters in a non-volatile memory (EEPROM)
•• Tight-closing function can be activated
•• Continuous monitoring of zero point
•• Non-contact position sensing
•• Unaffected by environmental effects and steam hammering


•• Any desired mounting position of the positioner (but not suspended)
•• Simple single-knob, menu-driven operation
•• LCD easy to read in any mounted position due to selectable reading direction
•• Configurable with a PC over the SSP interface using the TROVIS-VIEW software
•• Variable, automatic start-up with four different initialization modes
•• Preset parameters – only values deviating from the standard need to be adjusted
•• Calibrated travel sensor without gears susceptible to wear
•• Sub initialization mode (substitution) allows the positioner to be started up in case of emergency whilst the plant is running without the valve moving through the whole travel range.
•• Permanent storage of all parameters in EEPROM (protected against power failure)
•• Two-wire system with small electrical load between 300 and 350 Ω depending on version (see Table 1)
•• Adjustable output pressure limitation
•• Activatable tight-closing function
•• Continuous monitoring of zero point
•• Integrated temperature sensor and operating hours counter
Series 3730
Type 3730-2 Electropneumatic Positioner
Single-acting or double-acting positioner for attachment to pneumatic control valves.
Self-calibrating, automatic adaptation to valve and actuator.
Set point 4 to 20 mA
Valve travel 3.6 to 300 mm
Opening angle 24 to 100°
•• Two standard programmable position alarms
•• Self-diagnostics; alarms as condensed state conforming to NAMUR Recommendation NE 107, issued over a fault alarm contact or optional analog position transmitter
•• Integrated EXPERTplus diagnostics for control valves


•• Diagnosis data are constantly compiled, saved and analyzed in the positioner. Status messages are automatically generated. Test data and their analysis are saved in the positioner.
•• Cyclical polling of diagnosis data, multiplexer-capable
•• Minimum and maximum temperature readings with an alarm when the limits have been exceeded
•• Statistical information (in-service monitoring) and tests (out-of-service diagnostics) pinpoint critical states before malfunctions can affect the process, allowing the user to plan predictive maintenance and service work on control valves
•• Display of classified status and error messages
•• Status classification and condensed state based on NAMUR Recommendation NE 107
•• Status messages and condensed state can also be read off at the positioner display Series 3793 TROVIS 3793 Electropneumatic Positioner EXPERTplus valve diagnostics
•• Operating hours counter allows data and events to be sorted by time
•• Step response test to assess the valve’s ability to move
•• Diagnosis data, test results and analysis saved in the positioner